Do you like undertale, pokémon, DDLC, or all of them

By iwantpockyuwu — January 01
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i choose all of the above
hoi i am a are some other persons @outcast @legitapplepie. if you hurt does persons i will put you in a fire and before you die, i will take you out and put lemon juice on you so it burns more.
Pokémon’s fine, and so is Undertale when it’s excluded from the toxic part of its fandom. I’m not big into Anime though.
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Undertale and DDLC
I love UNDERTALE!! And Deltarune, and DDLC, and Yandere Simulator, and all that stuff. And somebody else said this but I also like Little Nightmares, Layers of fear, and all THAT stuff. Also, If you want to find a skele-TON of Undertale fans, (that joke's old, I know) I'm the one to go to. I also like to rp, just so you guys most of the time don't have to ask. Sometime's you do tho.
i love ddlc
I am a furry
---- yeah!
I like a few things, hate a few I'm pretty chill, what about you?
i am in love with under tale
i like yo mom
yes, yes, yes and yes
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want to be friends
i like yo mom
hi im pa cupcake on YT so please sub i like roleplay and art! ( my art is trash ) heh please ask questions in the comments and IM TAKING REQUESTS! fandoms- undertale, scp foundation, sally face, uhhh idk