Do you like undertale, pokémon, DDLC, or all of them

By dreamsans2008 — January 01
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I choose all of them....
My name is Karla. I like undertale, DDLC, and pokémon. I am a 10 year old that is an introvert. I am actually a girl...... I also deleted Karla (comic). OH, and I like BATIM. ;-; *cries* I will rolplay as South Korea countryhuman. most of the time i have no Idea what im doing.......
I like Pokemon and I LOVE Doki Doki Literature Club.
Art is life! My YT channel is Paige Vlogz. Wattpad-PaigeDragonborn123 IG: paige_is_smol123
i love ut and ddlc
all of them!
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OMG I love all of them they are all awsome!!
i am l2 years old *finally* i love to see what people draw. I like Pokemon, Undretale, My Hero Academy, and Anime.hope you all enjoy my art thank you all for your support lately i have not bee feeling my self so thank you all so much hope you enjoy bye!!!
... in other words, yes. I LOVE DDLC.
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Turning random junk into pixel art since 2017
I love all of them, but I haven't done anything Pokemon in a while xD
Hello, I'm Luna! I love to create pixel art to help me calm down. My style is inspired by video games like Undertale, but obviously worse.
My name is Julia and I am 11 years old. I am in sixth grade and I like doing art. But I suck haha. I play the violin, I dance, and I fence. I watch TwoSetViolin, and I like cats. I like Pokemon, the Warriors books, and yeah I'll stop now XD. I have been on here since 12 - 05 - 18 My requests are open for nature, but not too complicated. just no people. plz
Every one of them
Im the only boy in my family (the Louds) I have 10 sisters and a mom and dad. My Sister (Oldest to youngest): Lori,Leni,Luan,Luna,Lynn,Lucy,Lola and Lana, Lisa and my baby sister: Lily. Me: Lincoln, and we live in The Loud House!!! I'm also into mlp undertale SrPelo MaxMoeFoe unikitty Rick and Morty wolfichu etc...Sub to PewDiePie
I very like, Anime xdxdxdxd
i want to sleep :)