Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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10% of the world's population is left-handed.
Lefties tend to be more creative & artistic than righties.
Lefties die 9 years earlier than righties (but i will live for 500 years ha)
Lefties are more alcoholic (this is not true for me)
Bill Gates and Leonardo da Vinci are lefties.
Beliefs says that being a lefty is being evil or under the control of Evil (since the left is the "sinister" side and it is the side of Evil) (still not true i am good)
I am one of the rare people on earth.
I've searched them all up. Heads up: my siblings (3) and brother in law and 2 cousins who are also siblings are all left handed. My siblings have never been in to alcohol...
Some of those are statistics. Theyarent all necessarily facts anyway my fams gramps usually live up to 85-90 years
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
I depends on the person's lifestyle. But those that i mentioned are probably the majority of the lefties' lifestyle.
Also, they're prone of schizophrenia which i dont have but i hear things that come from nowhere.
Lefty! ^^
I'm a creative artist trying to find my style... So, Yeah, have a good day!
i dont write
what happened to my drawing confidence
i have no hands ?
not making art for now. i may be back soon. bye guys x
24 hrs ago! Not even a dai
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
right handed
I like computers. (but who doesn't amiright or amiright lads? outdated reference.) | 11 year old(UPDATE- 12) | i have literally no idea what i want to do with my life. | when i grow up, i want to live in America or england maybe i mean nothings set in stone haha i should stop typing now ok bye
I don'y really have a dominant hand, but I write better with my right.
I love Harry Potter, Minecraft, and Undertale! I will post whenever I can! ~Sienna
i dont like hands
hi im trash with a ukulele and okay art skills hehe