Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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I usually write with my right hand, but i can write with my left hand better than most right-handed people can.
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I usually write with my left hand, but I can write with my right hand better than most left-handed people can.
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right handed
Right handed, though when I was younger I use to be ambidextrous.
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@whatever I'm ambidextrous too! The kids in my kindergarten said I need to choose a hand or he'll tell his mum, so I chose my right so that people wouldn't quiz me, but now I use both, cuz that was 11 years ago and if the kid wants to tell his mum he can go right ahead lol
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Waoh, so we're you equal as to choosing which hand you wanted to?
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
Left hand if its writing or drawing.
I am spicey
I'm ambidextrous. I can sketch with both hands. I can write calligraphy better with my right hand and write extremely fast with my left hand.
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right no left no right ugh can't remember
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