Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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im a righty
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I am both :P
Hey everyone! I'm 13 years old (still) and going into ninth grade. I really love art and decided to use this website as a way of expanding a bit! Now have a great day! :D
i am ambidextrous don't judge lol
idk all i do is draw :3 and doodle plus animations so ... yeah :3
Right handed
I’m A Savage
I am left-handed when it comes to drawing, writing and pretty much everything, but... I can do digital art with both my left and right hand. This is partly because I started digital art with my mouse and since you use your right hand while using the mouse I kind of just started drawing digitally with both?? I don't know if that makes sense. It's also partly because as a young child for some reason my teachers would force me to use my right hand so now as a young adult I just continued drawing with both hands?? (not writing though cause my left handed writing is already bad enough)
I'm back baby, and I'm ready to draw! No request's though, I'm still kind of rough with drawing.
Right handed
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i write with my -------
ты лбу нихуя
Just a random guy trying to figure out his life. I do take requests, though they might not be done immediately because I have school. I do have a youtube channel, nothing posted other than a few intros I think. Anyways thanks for checking out my profile! :)
I'm Right handed, but I've tried to exercise my left hand by brushing my teeth with it, eating (that was a mess...), and drawing. But not a lot of times... cus' I take my drawings seriously.
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Right-handed, I guess.
The smol child of the group. (Also the most artistically challenged.)