Are you left-handed or right-handed?

By Frames — December 28, 2017
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im right handed
ты лбу нихуя
Im a right handed person
sup yall, im kyla! 11 yrs old, 7th grade (not really tho)) . gosh dang it why u hate on bakugou. i think im better at regular digital art than pixel art,, credit to @isometric / @fshhbowl for pfp DA: CS: born august 7 - @mocking is my alt
Left handed bc i am frames
true, I AM frames, for reals
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Alt account of @Frames. this is just some scribbles and no sps w/ minimal colours thats all. I can do anything in here that i cannot do in my main account
Im right handed. Practically everyone in my family is....except my older brother
WARNING: I MIGHT SPAM YOU WITH LIKES IF YOUR REALLY GOOD! I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE IF I SPAM YOU. Here are some friendos @Ash-Greninja @emiko-chan My Demon Butler: @Nya-Kat-666 @girlwolf103 @ToxicMatx @TheSquiddyLInk @Fast-Boi-UWU @Yandere123 @SheDoesGames Anyway i'm 14, in 9th grade and I like Splatoon and some animes like MHA and Yuri!!! On Ice. I also like to draw, sing and I am in colorgaurd.
I love Drama, Acting, and Drawing!
I'm right handed, but i can do somethings with my left hand.
I'm 11, and I love to draw! And a total Ga'Hoole, Beyond, EW, RWBY freak! I'm also on DeviantArt, as EglantineAlba. Search for my picture The Owlsquad (which has writing that reads The Owlsquad and shows a bunch of owls). Click on it then click on my icon which wil take you to my profile and check out my gallery! Yip, signing out #StayJuicy!
I'm right-handed and right-footed.
The more you practice, the better you become. Dont let people take that from you. Whether you are together or alone, you shall always be stronger as one. ============================== Plazma Burst 2 Official Website -
You are beautiful and loved, I hope you have a good day, that is all
imma ambidextrous m'dudes
⋆ m̶y̶ ̶c̶o̶l̶l̶a̶' ̶s̶t̶a̶y̶ ̶p̶o̶p̶p̶i̶n̶' || l̷0.26 || •|¡|• ⋆ || #ohiogang || l̷0.12 || ⋆ l̷3 y/o || credits to this dweeb for the pfp: @milkingtheshake ⋆ ............. .......................................................... || p a r t n e rs in crime: @henk @evachan @melamour @leeeee @paramecium @eeveeflareon @poptotts @milkingtheshake @narutoesmi @mystique @slinky ||
Rightie, alwaes wil bee mah bruddah.
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