What do i draw,//???

By marsel-music — March 15, 2016
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I want to put some anime hair on my weasel!
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
I guess it would if your weasel is at a larger size
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
If you like weasels so much you could maybe just continue drawing them (is this even logical?)
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well i can draw suggestions like something on a weasel, cloths
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
Whatever floats your boat.
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draw a sp
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Draw Six. But in order to draw her, you have to look on my wall. See that girl with the black hair? That's Six. Kind of like the very culmination of your Undertale being.
I love UNDERTALE!! And Deltarune, and DDLC, and all that stuff. And I like horror games. Also, If you want to find a skele-TON of Undertale fans, (that joke's old, I know) I'm the one to go to. I also like to rp, just so you guys most of the time don't have to ask. Sometime's you do tho. I love HxH rn it's my favorite anime.