U know the group "original artists?" there not fair.

By staria — March 23
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"original artists" is a group for *good* artsists. creator of this group, PLEASE read this. If someone Works hard on something and it turns out good, and then gets declinded. that person would be mad! i was thinking of putting one of my drawings that i worked hard on, But I thought about my friend who worked SO HARD on a drawing and tried to get it in and it was declined. And this group should accept any style. SO WHAT IF OUR STYLE ISNT LIKE WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE?! It's our art, not yours. We can do any style we want. I know you said, "WE ARE NOT AGAINST TRACERS AND BASE USERS!" but you pretty much ARE AGAINST ARTISTS THAT DONT HAVE THE STYLE YOU LIKE! reply to this if you agree, beacause this isn't fair!
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I think this argument could be more convincing if you had real examples of rejected art, it's hard to evaluate without that.
Besides that, I don't really see the problem here. There are countless groups out there, many of which are based around specific styles and themes, and I don't really see any complaints about those. I can understand being upset about you or a friend being rejected from a group, but I'm not sure I'd classify it as being so unfair that it deserves a rant. If it bothers you that much, why not make your own competing group?
As an aside: "It's just my style" is not a strong defense of one's art. Instead, I'd recommend explaining *why* your style is how it is, what you're trying to convey through your art, etc. Such arguments will have more impact.
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they can’t just go around accepting every artist that makes something remotely appealing. the members of that group are usually more influential on this website and have gotten a fair amount of potds/staff picks. i see it as more of an elite club than anything. if you want in, keep working on improving.
one of my drawings is waiting for approval.
i dont need to explain.
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