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By honestlyworm — April 27, 2016
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what if the emerald thingey in "stevens lion" was actually a currupted gem? think about it, it acts very simularly to lapis. maybe lion was trying to get it so he could save it?
but what would that say on the crystal gems side?
"If you could only know... What we really are...
What we really are...
... ... What we really are"
what are some of your su theorys?
i also think that the in too deep will be about the possible double edged sword of the crystal gems morality. i mean, is it really all the gems in the clusters fault for this happening? is it really a good thing to drill into an unpresedented amount of different gems? something doesn't seem right about this. also peridots reaction to all of this will most definately be interesting.
I believe Pearl belonged to White Diamond. Some people are pretty convinced she belonged to Pink Diamond (Which brings be to another theory, which is that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, which I don't believe, considering Diamond's are huge from what we've seen, and Rose is about the same size as Jasper) I mean, looking at her color palette in the answer, she was mostly white/grey-blue. We've already seen Blue Diamonds Pearl. Yellow Diamonds pearl. They both have similar gem placement in comparison to their owners, all four of them having gems on their chests. As seen, White Diamond has a gem on her forehead. WHERE DOES OUR PEARL HAVE HER GEM? ON HER FOREHEAD. m just sayin
if pearl didn't belong to white diamond then she was probably a mutant pearl. but she probably did belong to white diamond (not for long tho XD)
I wonder about how she joined the rebellion.
imo, theres going to be like 2 more episodes about the cg joining rose like in the answer, one with pearl (thirst will be high, also tears) and one with amethyst. how steven joined kinda already happened in the extended opening.
In too deep!
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