New contest winner selection

By Pixilart — October 30
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Hi everyone,
This topic was created to discuss changes that will occur to the contest voting system and to gather community opinions about these changes.
As you may know, the current winner selection system has been based upon the most votes. This is an easy way to pick a winner. However, there is a downside to this system; late entries have little to no chance of winning, compared to those entries that were entered right away, even when there is delayed voting.
The new proposed method is the following (but please note that this method only applies to official Pixilart contests unless the community feels that this method should be applied to user generated contests as well – hence this discussion):
The new winner selection is based on random entry votes.
For example, a submission with 140 votes will have 140 entries in the selection pool. If a user has 1 vote, they still have a chance of winning, but a lower chance of winning.
This new voting system is structured to allow new entries a chance of winning, even with low votes.
Please let me know what you think, and feel free to share opinions. This new voting system would be applied to future contests.
Thank you! :)
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about a user or artwork. Please let me know. :)
I like it even though I don't enter contests lol
rounds. rounds would fix this perfectly.
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I am not sure that the proposed winner selection change will result in an outcome users will be happy with. What if a very basic drawing that someone spent 5 minutes on wins over one that someone spent hours and hours on? Users who put effort into their artwork will feel a bit ripped off. Users who don't win, but see that an alternate winner has put a ton of effort into their drawing will be a heck of a lot more supportive of the chosen winner, if the chosen winner clearly put a lot of effort into their drawing. A much easier solution to the problem of late entries receiving a voting disadvantage is to simply post contests with a lot of lead time before voting can begin. For example if you post a contest with a month lead time, then anyone entering late has no excuse for receiving a voting disadvantage, because they were given plenty of lead time and to put things bluntly, they should just "suck it up" and accept their disadvantage for being late to the contest.
Yeah sounds cool a randomizer would fit in well rather than people voting for their friends "art" and it gives a chance to everyone
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This kind of makes it a lottery type deal. Thinking about it, it seems unfair if someone with only one vote wins when there was someone who got, lets say... Over 100 votes. It is a small chance, sure, but it could break the meaning of a "contest."
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I have the feeling that this would give no effort drawings a chance to win as well, it would also feel kinda off for people who drew high voted drawings and the people that actually voted for these when a drawing with low votes actually wins
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I totally agree with @Darkstar and @Rat and I'll go one step further by adding I think such a "lottery" type system would discourage participation in contests over the longterm
@Pixilart, I think this would work for smaller contests. I don't think this would be fair if, let's say ten people (or more) people make entries in the contest. People who devote their time to making masterpieces would be disappointed if they came fourth, when rushed pieces would be treated loyal. There needs to be a limit for this system to work.
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even though bigger drawings have a greater probability of winning, there's still the offhand chance of a small, minimal effort, one vote piece winning. this type of system would only work if rounds/divisions were implimented.
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