Help, It won't let me save an image!

By DisgruntledFrog — March 14
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It won
Edited March 14
I'm just starting.
same how do you text people
u look in top right corner wen drawing and click "save drawing". then u write a title and scroll down to the blue button and click it.then it shows the merch list. wait 15 seconds or so and you will see a blue "go to drawing" button. press it and go to your drawing. wen u there, press "home" in top left corner. ur welcome.
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restart ur device
Peace! Never Forget That You're loved!
you wait for a couple of minutes to try to submit it again.
hi Im PonyoLord, I would like to keep My age and name a secret, but im in my teens, I like Anime, Fnaf and alot more cool stuff, I also have an account on Kogama as well.
really thats a lie its not letting you subbmit because you got relode your computer ok gracias
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