Furry drawings

By LIGETJOSHUA — March 13, 2018
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Some people like furries, some people don't. Most of us hate furries, most of us don't. Face it. They are cringeworthy human-like furry creatures that have no use in the world or internet. They are destroying the internet and my brain cells. Please stop the madness. Thank you for reading.
I like Five Nights At Freddys and I like Pixel art. I made other pixel arts in another website called Piskel which is a school art program my teacher showed me. I might have a DeviantArt User soon. Check out my ROBLOX user!
How can most of us hate and like it at the same time lol theirs only one majority
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
To say they have no use in the ENTIRE WORLD or internet is insane, you talk about them like they're less than human or something. Please continue enjoying yourselves, furries. Thanks for reading.
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god ---- hhow did it even do that everythings ruined look
please furries do whatever you want in the shadows dont ------- tell me about it
im kim, a highschooler who likes movies, music, video games and art. ask me to draw something for you and i will always say no. requests are CLOSED.
@CryoKimothy yes we have enough to deal with
Ecce ----, qui-i-i est faaabaa vale ---- qui est faba!
.......im quitting thats it.
-_- this forum...wth
Hi. The name's Val/Nick. Any pronouns ig.
Send them to Gulag
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I like furries. They're animals on legs! How cool. I think people overlook them. People shouldn't hate on them just because the character isn't a human.
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Okay. This is your opinion. Liking them is also an opinion. Doesn't mean you gotta go out of the way to hurt others.
@AceNX @Retniw are pretty much the only two people that I trust. that's all I have to say.