Features that should be added to pixilart

By PixelPot8os76 — September 30
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( @pixilart take notes) honestly the only thing i think bryan should add is a dark theme and the ability to request to be a moderator/admin (others should add on to this)
Edited September 30
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There is a dark and light theme for the drawing programme but as for the main site there is none. Hope there is one because white kinda hurt my eyes.
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There is. in the option menu i think there is a dark option.
@pixilart - it would be AMAZING if you folks could come up with a "ROTATE" feature (e.g. rotate 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees etc. etc. - this would be extremely useful (just a suggestion if anyone is listening)
a help section
im to gay to function
more red choices, coustom color
im to gay to function
Where you can take one of your drawings and stamp it onto another one
im to gay to function
also to drag drawings and the tool bar on the left
im to gay to function
an easier way to switch from drawing to erasing would be nice
I like to draw but I don't have ideas so I draw a lot of turtles