do U take anatidaephobia as a joke or truth???

By roniaart — May 13, 2016
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answer and describe reason for anybody who needs it
i don't really know tbh. it sounds pretty ridiculous, but maybe if you had it it would make more sense.
If it was a joke- it just seems like A LOT OF EFFORT. I've seen many people who are very convincing and it also seems less of a joke if u give it an actual name, It's kinda like those people who are allergic to water- it seems unreal but very much is.
I'm gone my dudes
I have a fear of being watched by a duck. Especially if that duck has a gun. Or a phone. It's bound to call the police on me one day. ONE. DAY.
im kim, a highschooler who likes movies, music, video games and art. ask me to draw something for you and i will always say no. requests are CLOSED.
ok, i know that it's a joke that was taken as truth now. but wouldn't you be scared if a duck was always watching you?
Blank shots.
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