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By WiddleKai — February 26
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Why is the anonymous category a thing? I know some of them probably don't want to make an account. or just doesn't know how to make one. but really. what's the point of it.
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in all fairness... I have seen a lot of good and amazing artwork pass through the Anonymous section... which is why from time to time I like to scroll through it and see what art has passed through it. You would be surprised how much good art makes it into the anonymous section. In fact... when I first discovered pixel art I too was anonymous only because I was unfamiliar with what this was and just wanted to get use to how pixel art worked before making an account (A plus side of not needing an account to make art and share your artwork) after three drawings on this section/ now understanding how this worked .. this convinced me to make the account.... and then I jumped on board and got this profile and I haven't looked back since :) If the anonymous section wasn't a thing and anonymous people couldn't share their artwork... I don't think many new people would join as quickly as they do because they wouldn't be able to see for themselves how Pixilart works.... This section should stay... it's nothing but a good thing for Pixel art. Sorry for the long answer... I have a habit bad of writing too much.
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Just making art... and hoping people enjoy looking at it. simple - I also do freehand drawings as well sometimes and a lot of those are in my photos :) (I have -2- requests in progress)
I enjoy looking through it and seeing what artistic talents that some people have.
I make art and internet jokes... (criticize if you want)