4 words that describe yourself ^.^

By B-y-e-Paulie — October 28, 2016
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Guys mine is Sweet,Nice,Caring!
I left pixilart... Message me if you want me to stay.. :/ ...
And Kind!
I left pixilart... Message me if you want me to stay.. :/ ...
Bill, Nye, ----, Spy
Dead account. Go to my main account @Groovyminister.
Dank, danker, dankest, memer
Ace/Gay/Pan; Non-Binary, Genderfluid, Transgender; Them/They::: Depression; Anxiety; -------? Maybe; Stay away or you might see my dark side; I'm different from all the regular people in the world... I'm a monster; Hatred; Anger; Loneliness; I'm imperfect, so back off (Header by @Clown)
Asocial, human, random, pineapples
Thx for checking out my account :P ----- For more of my artwork, go to @darkstar @medieval and @parallax :) ----- Twitter: https://twitter.com/25Darkstar ----- Deviantart: http://25darkstar.deviantart.com/ ----- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR_rtBaxPVcQ_LjJ2DWBYBA ----- DISCORD: https://discord.gg/43HYjrJ
Asocial, Memer, Pineapple, Sarcasti
Because friends help friends. @smileypants @wanderingspirit @Slinky @glowsticks @kido @CryoKimothy @whatever/ heya, Im kawli. I type everything in lowercase but I still use punctuation, and I'd appreciate it if you use correct punctuation. Please dont say wat, wut, or wot unironically. Have a question- ask. #OhioGang | n00dles was here ;))
Quite Active, Wandering around, Playing other games, Likes to see more interesting forum posts.
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The more you practice, the better you become. Dont let people take that from you. Whether you are together or alone, you shall always be stronger as one. ============================== Plazma Burst 2 Official Website - http://www.plazmaburst2.com/?s=2&a
Oh wow!
I left pixilart... Message me if you want me to stay.. :/ ...
Sarcasm ; Dank ; Danker ; Dankest
im kim, a highschooler who likes movies, video games (A LOT) and art. ask me to draw something for you and i will always say no. requests are CLOSED. I have eighty nicknames and the only ones you can call me are kimothy, kiki and key. please think before commenting, i want to keep my few remaining braincells. i was previously cryokimothy
Nice, Rude, Weird, and crazy XD I can get rude on mean opinions, but crazy on opinions that match me.
HoI! I'm a Steven Universe and anime Fan ^^ Jamie is my fictional senpai!__ Also, my one and only fictional crush ATM!