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March 03
Byeeeeeeeeeeee for like ever until I feel like putting out a bunch of ---- again
December 07
Hello! Request are open. I know it says Random but just know I do just about anything from oc's to fursonas! Just as long as isn't inappropriate! Go ahead and post on my wall of comment if you want me to make something. I know proably a lot of people wouldn't want there things made by a ---- arist like me. anyways I hope you have an amazing day!
November 25
will somebody please give me an idea? or let me draw there oc? or something......no? Okay! I'll go watch youtube while I think of what to draw. Which is nothing. I kind of have artist block. It's like writer's block but for artist. Sorry for bothering you all! I shall leave now! HAve a nice day. ={
November 14
HUMANS OF EARTH Just to let you now. you are gonna see a LOT of Lancer. I love him! he is my small boy! I take good care of my son. also I just realized that all my fandom babies are male. :P weird.
November 09
I'm not sure on how many people see this. but if you do I'd like you to comment something you wish for me to draw and if you want me to draw an oc I need to know what they look like. Thank you to all you have like my art and to those who are following me. :D Love chu all! (I know I'm weird)
i am fine @dizzyizzy
my oc cinnamon candy!!
November 11
Flumpty got me @Emotional-Mess
Human or pony?
November 11
i am fine @dizzyizzy
November 11