Ok, ok, ok, Here is a challenge for you guys! So, I want you to create me an OC, I will reward you with a shout out, like spam (like all your posts/drawings/pictures) and a head + shoulder drawing of your oc! Here is the requirements: Black hair, stylish, earrings, pastel and/or goth theme. That’s all the requirements. Feel free to add on but remember you must include ALL the requirements. Have fun and enjoy!
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Pink Diamond @NotYourFriend
December 11
Stylish hair is what in your eyes?
owo @RoseFur161
December 12
Some people are using bases and circle tools ;-;
HFFZ Pixilart @HFFZ
December 12
YesKittiExists @YesKittiExists
December 15
SUCK i accidently posted the wrong one o well lol
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