Draw one of my ocʻs in a Valentine Day scenario!

First place - Fan art, shoutout, and a follow (If I havenʻt already followed you)

Second place - Fan art and a shoutout

Third place - Shoutout

(For the fan art, you can chose which character I draw, so I guess itʻs kinda like a request)

Good luck!
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happi floof @alxha-lala
January 26
@Canyoupayme if can be with any other,, all my characters are single except for Hazel and Wolf
Heckin Rei Bees @Star-Is-Trash
January 27
is hunter free?
BLAZE joins the fight @Canyoupayme
January 27
@hawaiian-uwu Thx, my notifs are broken so I didn't see this until I already submitted B)
happi floof @alxha-lala
January 29
Lol I made hunter for @Pixel-Fazzy ʻs comic,, so imma tell you this now. Hunter is going to be in a relationship with Dapper. If you need Dapperʻs ref sheet,, go ask @Pixel-Fazzy
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