my mom ids a dentist and owns a business called yellow stone family dentistry my dad is also a dentist and works there. draw a picture of your mom or dad doing there job and put in the link below. lets see who gets the most likes you have to use one of the two templates i will post next to be legible. if you don't you will be disqualified. this ends march 18th. PS to use the photos you can take a screen shot and crop it then enter it into your drawing and when your done screen shot your photo and then post it. (to take a screen shot press control alt and the key with a square and 2 lines next to it)rules:you must have a full body pic of your mom or dad.the pic must be your guardian or a parent you must use a must out the link in the comets to must have at least one like on must add lots of details and explain what your parent does and where they work and whom with they work
Links for anime boy #imgrc=TEPQA4U0ua2h2M: for girl bases
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pixelfire yolasite com @PixelFire
February 23
that was the prewview at least
Angelic Arts @Bossalyn
February 24
I'm working on my piece. :) I'll try to spread this on pixilart.
pixelfire yolasite com @PixelFire
February 25
no base but its awsome good job i will deduct that rule
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