Ha I made a contest for no reason
All you have too do is draw something, maybe add a bit of spook for fun!
The prizes(?) are as follows:
1st - Ha I'll follow you, also a I'll like all your stuff 'n do a request (it's first place so why not)
2nd - I'll follow you 'n stuff + a r e q u e s t
3rd - lol I'll just follow you

Keep in mind that if you do win (wow, so cool) there are some things I'm very bad at drawing, and most of my art is mediocre anyways so ye a h
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Anesthesia @Anesthesia
November 24
swoodly doodly, this is dumb OwO
Soupp @Soupp
November 24
and so is my drawing
Anesthesia @Anesthesia
November 24
Ok so if the contest does end with less than 3 entries (less than the amount of winning places) I might end up changing what the prizes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeh
Soupp @Soupp
November 25
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