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You'll need two things for this contest:
A 20 sided dice or alternatively a random number generator set from 1 to 20.
The pixilart site and drawing application.

How it works:
If you decide to compete in the contest, there are three categories listed below, each containing an adjective and an opposite to that adjective. Roll a die for each of the categories. Then make a good guess on what gender and age your character is, and timeline your character lives in.

Age: Young - Old.
Timeline: Past - Future.
Gender: Male - Female.

If you roll a 10, your character will be in their 30s, will be in present day, and/or will be male. If you roll a 9 or lower, your character will be younger, in the past, and/or will be male. If you roll a 11 or higher, your character will be older, in the future, and/or will be female.

1st Place will receive likes on all of his/her drawings (and photos if he/she has 100 drawings or less), a shout-out, and a drawing of one of his/her original characters (excluding parodies of copyrighted characters, like all those fan-made Undertale characters).
2nd place will receive likes on half of his/her drawings (and photos if he/she has 200 drawings or less), and a shout-out.
3rd place will just receive likes on a quarter of his/her drawings (and photos if he/she has 400 drawings or less).
All participants will receive a wall post thanking them for participating.

Voting will start in 6 days from the publication of this contest, and winners will be selected by what badge they have next to their upvote count.
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Quali ty1 @Quali-ty1
23 days
Here's an example drawing to help guide you: | |
LordGoldfish @LordGoldfish
9 days
mine is probably the worst
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