So yeah here I am again with the same contest. I don't think I will stop for a bit so yeah. Basically, for this contest, you have to create art (No old drawings) of this video game concept which my friends and I created characters which will be listed below. There will be prizes depending on how hard you work on it. One thing you must note is that this is no regular video game contest so don't post random stuff like Mario or something like that. ALL SUBMISSIONS THAT DO NOT CORRELATE WITH THE THEME WILL BE REMOVED. You have been warned...

Anyways, here are the classes: Gunner, Ninja, Archer, Wizard, Shape-shifter, Bomber, Knight, Godz, Berserker, Swordsman/Swordswomen, Pirate, Cowboy, Cyborg, Chef, Angel, Demon, Mummy, Dragon.
For extra points, create your own class! (If I like it, I will add it in!)

Try your best, Nick
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Festive Ketnipz @Ketnipz
5 days
Can I create bean class
the sea emperor @ms-cat-omg
5 days
mines is so cute
Nickolas Burinsky @nburinsky
5 days
sure, as long as its original
Orange Gecko @ThunderThighs
5 days
Hey Nick, it's been a while but I've been working on the stats thingy that you wanted. Sorry it's been so long.
This Is Gospel @djdory1
4 days
FYI, I made mine as a class.
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