I need an oc, but I kinda have art-block. So, I would like YOU guys to CREATE me an oc. It must be original, no bases, and you can't just enter an old drawing. It can be an animation and I would appreciate if you put a bit of info about them so its easier for me to draw. I will pick my favorite from the top three to actually use, this person will get a shout out in the first drawing I make of them and a shout out in my bio.

1st: A jelly bean style request, 2 follows (could I have a volunteer to do the 2nd follow?), a shout out in a post, and at least 10 likes.
2nd: A shout out in a post, A follow, and at least 10 likes.
3rd: A follow and at least 10 likes.

Stay happy and good luck!
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O n l y E l l a @Only-Ella
January 05
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