*Ahem* so basically, you guys (even if you are not in the moth cult) can create a new moth cult icon because we need a new one for the group. Don't be lazy please and all that other stuff, and also i swear to friccin god if I see a lamp as a submission I am going to commit no breathing. Anyway, onto the prizes :

1st Place : You become a member of the cult, your icon is used for the group, a follow and a request uwu

2nd Place : You also become a member of the cult, a follow and a small request (like an icon or a colored sketch of your character)

3rd Place : Become member of the cult and a follow, possibly a small request if I feel up to it
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bob @bobthekiller
May 12
That is the most beautiful group ever.
gucci feijoa Tsuni @Tsuni
May 13
Yey I le joined OwO
Max @Fishsqid23
May 13
Le joined
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