I have recently made Navy ( my oc ) as a cute yandere character uwu it would be awsome if people could draw her as da yandere character ^w^ 1st Place- I will use it as my pfp ( credit will be in my bio of course ) 2nd- I will draw your oc
3rd- A Cookie >:)
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Sabrina Kinchano @HackerNoises
June 07
say 'ney' if you still want me here because my art sucks and you wanna bully me
Sabrina Kinchano @HackerNoises
June 07
say 'f' if you think my art is good and i shouldn't die
commisions on alt @YesKittiExists
June 09
@leave-me-alone how about u stop saying depressing ---- around people who dont need ot hear it :)
Sabrina Kinchano @HackerNoises
June 10
there is an imposter
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