I created this contest for my friend @ThatOne02Guy because he didn't have access to a computer in order to make this contest. I just copied his description from the contest he made that got only one please enter, even if you haven't watched JJBA. It can still be really fun to create a stand! ALSO: pLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be original with these. @ThatOne02Guy will be the judge on whether all of these are original or not!
So here are the actual rules/guidelines:
HELLO DUDERINOS OF PIXILART! I'm here to propose a challenge for ya'll. For those who watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, this challenge is to create a stand that you would use either in a combat setting or otherwise. What's a stand? Basically, it's a manifestation of one's fighting spirit. They can take MANY different forms, and I encourage you to do your own research on the general kinds of stands if you're still confused. The requirements are: -Include a reference of the stand (Drawn, or give a physical description.) -Include the stand abilities ( -Include a Stand Chart, filled out to match your stand. If you're looking this up online, it looks like a circle with 6 lines branching out from the center. A=Very good, B=Good, C=Average, D=Below Average, E= Poor/Not-Applicable. Here's mine! The art is drawn by the amazing @rynxx !
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uwu @StaleCookies
22 days
ill just use the one i used for another contest
Asriel Creepurr @Horrible-thing
13 days
Emily @Willowstep12
10 days
Not sure what it this but entering
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