Draw any of the eddsworld characters! 1st place: Follow and like all drawings/2nd Place: Follow and like half of your drawings/3rd: Follow and a few likes. HAVE FUN :3
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AwkwardChild @AwkwardChild
29 days
They're all amazing!!!
Bloki Drawings @Eeveelol123
24 days
hope ya get teh EpIcC joke on mine!
melty fella @HoneyHibiscus
21 days
i drew Tamara. just saying its the one where she's in the house lol
FadingGalaxy Is Depressing @FadingGalaxy
21 days
mines tord- its horrible-
Texas s little monster owo @Japan-owo
21 days
I drew Tord ;w; It's a lot of red and some blood which I tried to hide lmao
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