Details: , , That is Lala, Lala currently does not have an outfit and she is sad about that, please help her with an outfit!! , The top three winners will get some for of drawing, either digital or paper, But she is a clown sort and loves pastels!!, She's a babyy and loves candy, Have fun! If there are any questions please, feel free to ask!!! Have fun!! ♡
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ThE GrIlL iS oN FiRe @PastelDoggo
January 28
5 mins til voting aaaaa
D o g g T e e t h @Milkk
January 29
Ssksks , Why was everyone so hype about voting?
ThE GrIlL iS oN FiRe @PastelDoggo
January 29
dont know to be honest?
Riana @RianaTheSloth
February 11
i entered yay it was fun i wont win doe
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