If you want to adopt the included OC:
Please read the description below.

1. No tracing, collabs, or bases
2.Your drawing MUST be similar or exactly alike to the OC
3. Following the second rule, all the colors must be the same color as the main colors
4. If you are one of the three winners, I will notify you by tagging and telling you about your place in the contest
5. Do not leave any existing details out of the submission

1st Place: The OC and a fully colored and detailed request from you, plus a follower
2nd Place: I draw a fully detailed drawing for you, or, you can request a one-color drawing, plus a follower
3rd Place: I draw a one-colored drawing for you, plus 20 likes
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N o v e l l i c c @Majestic
March 07
Alana Major @Cats-r-us
23 days
hunnnng soooo hheeerrrrd
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