-1st place: a follow,likes and request
-2nd place: a follow and likes
-3rd place: a follow

1. If use base please let me know
2. Keep it family friendly uwu
3. If you didn’t get 1st 2nd or 3rd don’t get mad, i’ll Do more
4. That’s all...H A V E F U N !
Oh and yea this contest will last pretty longggg too
Voting begins in
Voting has ended
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Noob @Miulawler123
February 23
Lol sorry...u’ll be draw any of my oc in your style
Jenna @Icecream12
February 25
Umm, you have tons of ocs. Which one are we supposed to draw/draw/use?
Noob @Miulawler123
February 26
Any ocs is fine @icecream12
Audrey Rae @PastelAudrey
March 06
I entered a drawing. Sorry that it's so bad. Just entering for fun.
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