1st place: a follow and a like on every thing in their gallery
2nd place: a follow and a like on half of their gallery
3rd place: A like on 4 things in their gallery

have fun and good luck. also have a cookie jokes on you that cookie had raisins in it. don't kill each other it's just contest no need to be a cry baby about it. bye and have a nice day or night. and remember kids STOP POURING CHEMICALS IN THE WATER IT'S TURNING THE FREAKING FROGS GAY!!!!! Any questions good because i'm not answering them JK just go on my wall and ask. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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the LA devotee @chezz-sandwich
December 06
all hail the ava-god-o
Heidi @HH12358
December 07
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