draw this floofy boi
or and the normal version of pk

characters background story: so pk is the poker king he obviously plays poker a lot and eh he runs a pub with a arcade and gambling area for fun and his child hood friend , hearts .she's with pk most of the time and yeah she's his childhood friend (not related ) but they both had an accident so that's where princess came so they're parents to a daughter . they bother treat her good with respect .

so the floofy version of pk has the same story but he gets treated bad just because he's a floofer and most people start being all violent and throw him to cages and sells him in the black market and never been seen again .
bosu is a very horrible boi , he has a gang of killers but one of them doesn't kill and that is Junsuina and she normally tries to stop bosu to do any more destruction or damage. But busu just slaps junsuina out of the way and threatens to kill her a lot . his gang look like people wearing masks and have black clothing . and yes he has a secret base where it's bloody after from the previous people he killed .

masaki is pk's friend and he works for him and yeah masaki is a bean and he loves all the hugs and cuddles , he sometimes swap to be all egdy and start causing a lot of trouble and when he does cause a lot of trouble he'll burn houses , eat human flesh and more . he can easily get upset and he does have a 2 siblings and that's mellow and nameless . he lives in his smoll tree house playing with his puppets and tries not to be mean and just have fun. He also gets kidnapped often so ye he gets scared or very chatty it depends on the person.

nu bases
nu tracing
nu ur character or whatever
have fun

3rd place: spam of likes
2nd place : spam of likes (and follow)
1st place: spam of likes ( and follow) and some art of ur choice
contact me if ur in any of those places and if ur in 1st place then tell me what u want me to draw for ya and remember to put #contestwinner - then put the number on the end of what u are .

have fun who is gonna join
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