I really don't care what you post but here are my rules:

1-They have to be memes (such as the "I'm a banana" meme.)

And 2-They cannot be inappropriate. Now I know for some people that kind of thing can be fun, but it is just NOT COOL BRUH. NOT COOL.

They do not have to be GIFs (although that always makes them better.) So lets meme!

1st: Oc doing meme draw.

2nd: Oc draw.

3rd: Meme draw.

All Other: Must follow me if they don't already.

Pay attention to the rules and have fun!
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sabrina @undertale-fan-9
March 11
The YouTube video is way more epic than my GIF.check it out
Very awkward Cannoli @Awkwardcannoli
March 13
lol mine probably won't win but i'll try
Kiwi x Apple @Kiwiquacker
March 13
Mine is trash, it's not even a meme. I never win anything anyway.
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