Hey there ! yes you ! would you like to have your art drawn and art show off at the next youtube livestream ? draw or created a end dog and you could have your art show off in the live stream coming up or even animated !
Rules: dont go against the species guidelines,no tracing allowed
ref sheet:
1st place: Animation of your furry boi or girl and your end dog will always be canon in the story and your art will be in the livestream showed to 100people : ) and art and more
2nd place: animation but black and white and gift art and will be showed at the end of the stream
3rd: gift art
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Cake Brethren @Miracle-Maker
April 06
I didn't realize I copied the pose that Itz-Grey used on theirs. ;-;
Not in the mood @itz-grey
April 06
that's fine! i don't mind.
Cake Brethren @Miracle-Maker
29 days
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