Make the best Animation you can
1st place 1000 art likes
2nd place 500 art likes
3rd place 100 art likes
4th place 50 art likes
5th place 30 art likes and 100 views or more
6th place 30 art likes
7th place 20 art likes and 67 views or more
8th place 10 art likes and 23 views or more
9th place 10 art likes
10th 5 art likes and 5 views
Animatons Only
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Batai22 @Batai22
April 17
if i get forth i would get as many likes if i got first
Batai22 @Batai22
April 17
also instead of 1000 likes (because no one had 100 drawings) maybe you could do 500 and follow? maybe?
thinking of leaving someday @HackerNoises
April 18
i'll probably get 11th... since more than 10 people came. i bet 11th place gets nothing because their animation sucks and nobody likes it.
thinking of leaving someday @HackerNoises
April 18
no... wait... i'll probably get 99th. 99th place sucks and nobody gets there except me. i'm the worst animation creator in the world.
Travis @white25539
April 18
*wonders if mine counts as a animation. it is really short*
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