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June 07
It's generic tracer #83654. Hey buddy, Tracing is ------- wrong :)
June 07
You're so cool, being a hypocrite and stuff :) I bet you have tons of friends and everyone loves you.
June 07
So someone is already tracer. No dignity.
Leaving Pixilart for go @Vietnam-UwU
Im buster.....nut buster
June 07
June 07
whi\= who is with me
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triple decker sandwich @Like-zoinks-man
?? Ohh i didn't mean @YmotanaAnatomy is a hypocrite i meant bts1
June 07
hah @Cookie-Dough
"Yeah go unfollow her she traces!!" *Doesn't admit that he traces too?*
June 08
June 07
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