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SpacelessVoid @SpacelessVoid
well maybe she has a school computer and ever since this website is blocked via goguardian so their is no need to worry about her absence it’s just probably school or the schools filter on websites
10 days
Silvia Petrikov @pixlekid
Okay I’m just nervous about them. Glad to hear that there’s a resonant
10 days
April 17
wtf how are you so good at drawing, i completely suck at it..........teach me your ways
Brendon @Brendon1406
It's really good keep up the good work
April 08
March 27
hello my fellow Mexican girl i don't van you make my oc :P
March 25
tOTALLY HAS QUALITY CONTENT commented on this drawing.
"how do u aminate like disssssssssssss"
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