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OKIE bc I friggin ship the hec out of RussiaxAmerica I decided in the middle of the night HMMM WELP I SHIP THESE SO IM THEIR KID! I'm sorry QuQ |Sis UwU| @owo-master |Dads| @Supreme-Vibes and @Sansfan01 |Husband UwU| @I-Suck-At-Art |Brother in law| @Africa-cute-umu |Best friendu| @ThatDepressedBoi |Grandpa| @LoliMafia |Awesome ppl UwU| @PoleTheCat @Cyd @badvibes @iwantpockyuwu @Lunar-The-Sayin
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4 days
H-hey Katie. I'm on the same phone I used to talk to you in roleplays. I think everyone gave up on talking to you. Either gave up or are still upset. We all miss you. I've been meaning to talk to you a lot of times but I've thought back to when you were here and I messed up. I'm a screw up, i know. Well, I guess USA summed up things..........I think your notifications are blowing up. *chuckles* Well....good bye.~Love, South/OwORose-Petal
June 22
(Usa here) Your virtual smile could light up a room, you were the glue. You were the jelly to North's peanut butter. North hasn't been the same since you left, a little more, unhinged, jumping into people's chats since they can't talk to you, Africa misses you, Reich misses you, North misses you, South misses you, Rus misses you, people that joined after you left miss you from us talking about you, I'm going to take a jump and say you wish we would just forget about you, but that's never going to happen, as long as there is a countryhuman on pixilart, you will be remembered.
June 20
Hey Katie. So much has happened since you left. Reich and Africa got together irl, the broke up, then I got together with Reich irl, and we went from Countryhumans to apphumans, and we have so many new people now....
June 19
Katie..I know you probably don't know me, but I'm am your husband's best friend. Irl, too. We all miss you, and I wanted to let you know that I'm here for you, too. Even if you won't see this. I think it's been a year. We miss you Katie, Xer
Sora is an EddHead @I-Suck-At-Art
MAYA WTF DONT DO THAT *smacks Xer with Violet ((my child))*
June 21
bipolarkid @Xerneyes
29 days
May 27
Dear Katie i'm sad i miss you everyday and everyones worry sick because your not here i wish i can see you again from : America
May 25
katie.. Katie... KATIE... K A T I E C O M E B A C K I M W O R R I E D...KA0924083-28R3WRW9R9W2RFGWEJ)*($#!*&$*)(
May 25
Katie, I'm tired of every single day that you're not here. You always brightened my day up in the morning when I looked at your posts. The countryhuman crew's lives as countryhumans is not complete because we need you in it. I have changed my profile picture and name a million times because if I'm back to South Korea, I'll miss you. Please, come back. We've missed you very much. You have always been there when times are tough and now, we all have some troubles like me and Reich. Please. Come back for even one day so we will know you're ok. ~Karla (aka. South Korea or Cuphead)
May 25
Katie.... *sighs* heh North summed it up down there a bit- England told us that you said you needed to take a break. Here, take my email. Please jus lemme know ur okay. Remember that time that me you and England were on the jumpinchat and you sang the song and I said "wow you are one of the only people to make Reich almost cry with a song"? Well the "almost" has been removed here- We can talk one on one I just really miss you- we all do. North has even seen me irl at this point! She saw me friccin at a track meet! [email protected] just please please- I need to know youre okay
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