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Hello! My name is Bee787. I play Animal jam and I make animations. I post some of my Animations on my youtube channel, Here's the link! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUSBVAudRyqqYvuBYL9G4Pg Please follow me! It helps me alot. Thank You! AJ User: bee787
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Hey umm thanks for 150+ guys, sorry i haven't uploaded in a couple days. I'm having a little art block. Anyways, Thanks again, and remember my requests are open.
1 day
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"Cute! Good job for you first animation on pixilart, I'm sure you'll do very good with more practice. (:"
5 days
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"Ok I'll draw it soon"
5 days
Hello! If you could look at my drawing "energy:" Could you draw one side of the face in any other form other than just a face, it would be cool. (it would be fantastic if you actually drew both... that's a choice) You can do it in your own style. P.S. thanks for the follow! I'm elated that I won the contest:)
Bee @Bee787
Ok I'll draw it soon
5 days
8 days
~ L a v e n d e r ~
@Brightglint this is for a contest uwu
8 days
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"Reeee u won the conteeest, if you want me to draw you anything, iI'll draw it :D"
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