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|| Status : School Testing || What I'm Working On : N/A || Welcome! Call me Silvo! I love drawing weird things! Don't be afraid to ask for a request! (Friends Only. Will Make Exceptions Sometimes) || Warnings - I don't like spam notifications ||
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So I uh-
2 days
Yo anyone love warriors cats? Anyone love to roleplay? Anyone got Scratch? Well I got the studio for you! Welcome to Swindlers Of The Clans a fan made warrior cat series! https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/9703521/ There's the informational studio and here's the rp https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/9710004/
3 days
Yo what do you guys think of these names? - #1 - The Crooked Star #2 - Storm Of Smoke #3 - Hollow Embers #4 - The Hidden Oath #5 - Crowned Winter #6 - Immortal Code
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School Testing For Me @AtollTheBiCat
Kk I mean they're all being turned into fanfics so-
2 days
Warrior Cat Wren @wrenmeow
edgy and original... i wish i came up with these names
2 days
3 days
RIP. Grumpy Cat. You will be missed. April 4th 2012- May 14th 2019
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