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Hi, I'm Ebbie! I like dinosaurs, aliens, and pokemon :D
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"I spelled 'cue' wrong like the degenerate I am HAHA"
May 27
*sniff sniff* Hmm... I smell... T E A
May 27
I don't feel like d R A W I N G EEE
May 23
When u being brutally kicked by finals but you been saving medkits since the beginning of the game [que the emojis]
Ebbie @ArtsySpinda
I spelled 'cue' wrong like the degenerate I am HAHA
May 27
May 12
In the Bee movie, if Barry's parents told him "You're grounded, we're taking your phone away," does that mean they'd have to violently rip his antennae off because in the movie his antennae are basically the one source of communication besides for talking face-to-face with someone. I think I'm looking to deep into this.
May 10
I went to watch Detective Pikachu today and I really enjoyed it, heh
May 10
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"Oh, I'm a fan of Casino cups as well! :D"
May 10
Dinosaurs are my favorite thing i love them even though they could eat me they are great. But in all seriousness, I'm proud of this. The first frame is a little icky, but I think the rest looks ok! I don't know what the dino is supposed to be doing, but let's just say it found a nice hunk of meat to feast on :]
May 08
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"Sorry Adlyan, but I'll have to decline that. It's nothing personal, I just don't feel comfortable with the idea of someone I don't know editing my art. Once more, I'm sorry."
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