I like anime and manga, I know 10 languages I like food You may know who I am on the outside but never truly on the inside, pain is your friend and ally it tells you when you've been hurt and the best thing about pain it tells you that your not dead. im 13 btw and female. straight/bisexual
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Chicharito23 @Watermelonchild
Thisbis the reason a lot of people is telling this user to stop stealling art,but im guessing she made a new account vecause she isn't posting anything,or she is done with people telling her to stop stealling art
2 days
9 days
unknown artist you are under arrest for for stealing art we will take this to court
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And if she steals another drawing from me i'm report her unless if she gives credit
5 days
24 days
Ok,i read about who you are on your account,you don't have to hurt yourself,I know you aren't,but pain isn't something to enjoy,it's a feeling that hurts,you might be planning to cut,or end your life,but don't.I want people to live happy lives,but maybe you are thinking these thoghts because of the hole sin you did about you re-posting people artworks,you already said you did this because you like that artworks,but when you post something,make sure to say who created that artwork.please
26 days
you're a ------- poser, its honestly pathetic that you think you can get away with stealing art and coloring over it. dumb -----
26 days
You 1) need to stop stealing people's work and 2) You shouldn't color over other people's drawings.
27 days
this is how my ART looks..........
Comedic Trainwreck @ColorBlitz98
That's no excuse to steal. You just need to improve for god's sake. I saw the other drawings that you actually drew, and you sorta just messed up on anatomy. Just practice a bit, you will improve. I speak from experience.
27 days
Weeaboo Trash Named Sora @I-Suck-At-Art
Looks alright but dude plz PLZ improve. Look at me for example! Check my first few drawings, bad right? But then I improved in time, and look where i am now!
27 days
27 days
ok just a little question, in ur desc it says straight/bisexual. how does that work? you cant rlly be both
Skylar @Thatweirdemokid
I agree, ya can't be both.
2 days
27 days
unmute me
Toby From HR Lads @YmotanaAnatomy
we don't have the power to unmute you just suck it up and deal with it dude
27 days
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