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11 hrs
*That momen when you are the only one awake using Pixilart* (:'T)
20 hrs
Does anyone else out of habit rest their fingers on the W,A,S, and D keys when using their laptop?
21 hrs
Yoooo! Why is my grandmothers laptop lighter than my sketchbook? Tech these days. My goodness (owo ')
KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
Oml, I forgot the apostrophe.
20 hrs
23 hrs
OML! I've freaking hit 2K views (or 'reads' as the site calls them) on my log book. Thank you all! I still don't know how to feel about it but I guess thank yooooooou!!!(?)!!!
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KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
Hey, you are in the countryhumans fandom, nein?
15 hrs
razors are my friends @Therapissed
ja, ein bisschen! Not as much as before
15 hrs
KowaiiEnnard @YasRocks
Oye, awesome.
12 hrs
1 day
I re-watched that video Jayiden (idk how to spell her name) did on overworking. Turns out that same day, I'm still dealing with my messed up sleep schedule and I've been working on this really freaking long chapter of my log book since I woke up and I can't fall asleep but I'm so flipping tired and I can't stop adding to this run-on sentence and the moralof this story is don't overwork your self and not eat and not sleep because I can't even think straight rn cause I've deprived myself of energy and nutrients and blood and I have too much carbon dioxide or wut ever ya call it in meh lungs and AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH-
2 days
I hate those chairs when you feel like you're going to fall through when you put yer darn buttocks on the seat.
2 days
It's so sad seeing old friends that used to be active everyday gone since freaking May.
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