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~Friends- @XxLazyLizzy22xX's, @TotodialCharizd, @Tetra-vs-Midna. ~Siblings- @Trinibobinnie, @persy2010 ~Inspired by- @Fleja, @Trinibobinnie, @Kido ~Characters- Evelyn, Helio, Chi, Lincoln, Riley, Seb, Luli, Xiano, Onaix, Alvantin, Patches. ~Goals for 2019- Hit 3,000 likes, hit 200 followers, make it to 1,000 drawings, make it to 56,000 views.
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7 days
I'm not doing Mermay anymore, sorry. I might continue doing it this weekend or something but probably not. Anyways, hope that's alright with you guys!
8 days
Sorry for not posting the Mermay drawings for this weekend, but I assure you I had them done. I'll be doing the theme for Today digitally and on Pixilart. Thank you!
11 days
Mermay day 7,8, and 9 are in Photo's. So will today's Mermay, Tomorrow's Mermay, and probably but hopefully not, Sunday's Mermay. That leads up to the 11th Mermay, which is on Saturday for the images to be in Photo's. Also, possibly 12th. I'll be at my grandma's for this weekend which is why today and Saturday it will be in photo's. I'm coming back on Sunday around 11amish but we're also going to be doing activities when we get back for Mother's Day. Thank you for listening, have a great day!
12 days
Mermay Day 9
I really like this drawing, it was made on FireAlpaca. Theme for today: Deep ocean. Tomorrow's theme: Hipster.
13 days
Mermay Day 8
Hey guys! Sorry I can't upload an actual one nor have it apply more to the theme today: Old hollywood. I tore a ligament in my foot, and I don't really have time for it. Sorry! Hope you guys are okay with that.
14 days
Mermay Day 7.
Sorry for not being able to do it digitally, but here's my day 7. I might've broken my ankle, and i've been doing stuff with my family. Anyways, sorry if you can't see it. Love you guys! Today's theme: Kelp Tomorrow's theme: Old Hollywood.
15 days
Mermay Day 6
I gotta be honest, I barely got this done in time before i'd give up. I'm really happy I got it done though! Today's theme was Exotic Mermaid. Tomorrow's theme is: Kelp.
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