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14 hrs
You know how you now the lawn for the first time and...... Accidentally rip the cable cord out of the ground so there's no wifi and it's your fault?? :-))))))))) oops my mums angry at me
16 hrs
**crab rave: the food is gone**
we ran out of bread and i just- im crying im so genius
8 days
this is it this is my pride month art. i'm legit working on smth but no ideas come up so djdjdjsjjdkdkdkfjsjfjdjskfiufyshdhdjdhdjd have this pin I bought for now.
14 days
I have no computer to make pixel art with hahaha, completely forgot about that. have a digital pigeon .
pride glob @PeanutDust
i forgot smh existed
17 days
Sun Kissed @Splashfloof
ngl those designs are amazing. but still. ew. countryhumans but slightly worse
17 days
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