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19 days
I saw a piece recently that reminded me of your work (though not nearly as good) - https://i.imgur.com/poUkcl7.png?1. It got me thinking that I'd love to see the Night King in your style, though this is more a personal thought than a suggestion. I know you take a more free-form approach to your subjects. Love your work.
Kloxbyn @Kloxbyn
Howdy. The Night King looks cool, he reminds me of the King of the Dead from LOTR (but more blue and frozen). I could see drawing him in my style, might be fun. I've got a lot of ideas piling up, hopefully someday soon I'll have time to draw here again. And I'm glad you like the work. I enjoy seeing your work in my feed, as well.
17 days
22 days
Add a drawing to GUESTPIXEL!
Consider contributing a pixel drawing to GUESTPIXEL: http://guestpixel.net/messages/ GUESTPIXEL features a basic pixel drawing app and a gallery. The site rarely gets any traffic (other than myself, 'Cloxboy'), it would be nice to see some new artwork in the 'Gallery'. It's basically a 'guest book' but you "sign" it with a piece of pixel art [It's not intended to compete with PixilArt, it's just for fun.]
December 12
Ah, if it isn't Clocksboy DerKlox himself. I'd be lying if I said your art was just amazing, it's phenomenal what you can do with a simple mirror, and some abstract work. I'm very impressed at how you make such simple art, yet make it so complicated. I look forward to more art of yours.
SilverStone @Quillfur
How did animate it?
January 20
November 28
How long does it normally take you to finish a drawing?
Kloxbyn @Kloxbyn
Hello, Gabby! My completion times are all over the place. Everything from my general mood, motivations, style goals, intended conveyance, etc., effects how fast I draw and paint. But to give you some idea, the last drawing I did "BYN 27", took me at least 3-4 hours to complete (actual working hours). For that drawing, I spent most of my time on color composition. I tried at least 3-4 color variations (originally, I used a bright blue/red/green palette).
November 28
Actual Pooferfish @GabbyRose1010
that's a lot of colors
November 28
November 28
BYN 27
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gone @WhiteFog
W t H??
December 17
Meow @GreenKat5
are u sure this is pixel art? xD its so detailed
April 13
November 16
Hey can i ask how you set up your canvas before you do your amazing art schemes... your really freakin awesome. BTW i would go regular detailed black and white for the old comic book feel
Kloxbyn @Kloxbyn
Thanks. More often than not, I use 2 layers (1 background and 1 foreground) but beyond that, my "set up" varies from piece to piece.
November 16
Chance @Wubbalubdubdub
Ok thanks!!! keep up the great work.
November 27
November 13
Chubby Spider-Man
Stan Lee was an amazing writer and artist, he'll be missed. One of my earliest online drawings was of Spider-Man, pictured here (I used an oekaki applet). Just to be different, I made him look really chubby. I drew this 14 years ago, when oekaki applets were relatively new (at least, to me they were).
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Cooldog14790 @alex-hensler
we love Stan lee
November 15
Butter Lettuce @YourBusiness
don't make me come down there you punk
18 days
November 13
S 4
Skull form.
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Datboy Supreme Gucci @Wlevengood
Artist of the year
November 16
Tomoki Sakuri @Speeedo-Samurai
hey thats really cool i like the way youve styled it, it makes it seem like a 3D poly model
March 03
Kloxbyn @Kloxbyn
@Speeedo-Samurai Thanks! Glad you like it.
March 05
November 05
So, how do you pronounce your name? Is it like, Clocks-Bin, or Clo-Bin?
Kloxbyn @Kloxbyn
Clocks-Byn. It's a combination of my other names. [Cloxboy DerKlox > Kloxboy > Kloxbyn]
November 05
Florida Man @rat
Ah, I thought I was pronouncing it wrong, but it turns out I was right the entire time. Thanks man, love your work.
November 05
Kloxbyn @Kloxbyn
No problem, Rat. :)
November 06
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