hello! just some person trying to animate stuff and share my crappy creations! I forget this often so don't have high hopes for me. I often love sharing my ocs, and PLEASE ask me if you want to know any more about them. I love sharing that stuff (also I am follow for follow most of the time) cat ranch: @theblobfishgirl @purplepanic
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Blobella Flubs @TheBlobfishGirl
dont make me force feed real you an $800 Sak of cheese
7 days
April 14
grilld cheez commented on this drawing.
"ya she's super edgy "
April 14
This is my OC Keela she's one of my my hero academia OCs She can create different magical staffs but only up to 3 a day. She's super self centered and has lived a very privileged life compared to everyone else in her class. She's also a mega jerk who can't stand losing not sure where I want to go with her character development yet so please help me out!
Blobella Flubs @TheBlobfishGirl
i can say that bc we're friends
April 14
grilld cheez @Grilldcheezmeme
ya she's super edgy
April 14
April 11
Golden kingdom castle
Yes its been a while, this is the symbol of my favorite Minecraft server but with more detail
April 06
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"mmMmmmMMMMMmmmMmMMMmm Y E S"
April 03
you're not a cool bean. you're an absolute beanwad. but you're MY beanwad
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