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2 days
"Do you trust me...?"
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gonna cry @octubre
is the cake a lie or what
2 days
zeb @blackwood
Awesome drawing
YesKittiExists @YesKittiExists
I would come behind the certains... that sounded so weird I take that back xDDD
3 days
You have some of the best art that I have ever seen! I love your UNDERTALE and fnaf art, too! Good job on all o your art!
5 days
Mutant Reptile
Something I made at school today.Enjoy!
6 days
A horrid and corrupted being cursed to a life of pain and madness within a truly empty and dark pocket-dimension,Created by Tel'Zanith as punishment for a unknown crime against it... #challenge
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I can barely see it as I do not have my glasses at the moment, but from what I can see, it looks awesome!
6 days
7 days
It feels good seeing your artwork do successful after a couple of years of hard work and practice. Huge fan of your work, keep it up. =]
8 days
Small,Nocturnal,Parasite eating fish that inhabit the oceans of Rudicus and are commonly found eating the barnacles and parasites off of the hide of the mighty Signum Fiat Mare.When not feeding off a Signum Fiat Mare they can be commonly found either swimming in the Mesopelagic Zone of the ocean awaiting a new animal to clean or hiding in rocky outcrops in nooks and crannies also awaiting a large animal to clean.During Winter these fish will school up at around midnight and begin a 3-day courtship contest,And those who come out on top be it male or female will be given the right of mating and passing on their genetics,And typically the young are birthed in late Spring.Unlike other most traditional fish these fish give live birth to their young,But it is still unknown as to why they do this,And a more perplexing feature of this species is the ability in extremely rare cases to spontaneously enter a comatose and have their scales harden until they are almost as hard as iron.During either rather dark nights ...
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Moone101 @Moone101
I see the drawing and immediately think "it's EmeraldSerpent!" I love your art style, it's so simple yet detailed at the same time!
7 days
Moone101 @Moone101
that had better be sarcasm >:V
6 days
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