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4 hrs
i can’t sleep help m e- i’m not even tired anymore?? i mean
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Blue skidoo we can too @Splashfloof
to go to sleep, i just listen to the moon song with earbuds lying in bed staring at the ceiling
juliano @julaino
make a discord and join my fnaf roleplay server
reptile monarch @i-tried
Ooooooooh sounds fun
5 hrs
“you laugh like a naked rat” - my cousin
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malignant @rat
How the ---- would your cousin see me naked, and how is that related to you laughing. :(
6 hrs
boom commented on this drawing.
"i agree bro "
7 hrs
toy commercials only get worse and worse in a way
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boom @BluuArts
what a bargain
sorry actidally pressed ADDD YOU GOTTA MOVE THATTT
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boom @BluuArts
i can’t atm i’m really tired- i can at some point though
MUTTaton @mutt
I get that, thank you < 3
boom @BluuArts
np ♥️
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